While we’re all familiar with large and well known OSS projects, I thought I’d highlight a few Best of Open Source 2009 (Bossie) winners that caught my attention, most of which I hadn’t followed in the past.

In the “Application Development” category, the PhoneGap development framework won in the mobile application development arena. InfoWorld writes:

“The iPhone, Android, Palm webOS, BlackBerry, and their app stores have made mobile application development all the rage in the past year, and 2009 marks the first year we award Bossies in that arena: to the PhoneGap development framework and the WebKit browser engine.

The PhoneGap project combines a focus on pure JavaScript and HTML with the ability to tap native device features such as the iPhone’s accelerometer and geolocation data. Given tools such as PhoneGap and the fact that so many mobile platforms have caught WebKit fever, standard Web technologies may become more important to mobile development than native SDKs.”

Readers may remember that I’d originally called for RIM to buy the guys behind PhoneGap. Now that RIM is going to deliver a WebKit-based mobile browser, and with the Bossie in hand, I’ll reiterate this recommendation.

Also in the “Application Development” OpenStreetMap took home a Bossie:

“Finally, a Bossie also to OpenStreetMap, an open source version of popular mapping services like Google Maps and MapQuest. OpenStreetMap holds mapping parties for areas where it doesn’t have good mapping data. Because all the geolocation data comes from volunteers, it can be shared and reused in ways that Google and other commercial mappers don’t allow. It’s an ambitious and well-organized project that you don’t have to be a developer to help out.”

The Nginx web server took home a Bossie in the “Platforms and middleware” category:

“Powering nearly 4 percent of the world’s Web sites and growing, the Nginx Web server argues that lighter, smaller, and faster — than Apache — is better, and there are several reasons to agree.”

Since I’m knee deep into CEA and SIP, this Bossie winner in the “Networking and network management” category caught my eye:

Kamailio, the SIP proxy formerly known as OpenSER, earns a Bossie for being such a good partner to Asterisk, helping the VoIP PBX meet the scalability and reliability requirements of business environments. Where Asterisk works well, you’ll likely also find Kamailio/OpenSER.”

Head on over to read about winners of InfoWorld’s Best of Open Source Software 2009.

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