As you’ve no doubt heard, announced its accepting nominations for its fourth annual Community Choice Awards.

Head on over to and submit your nominations in the following categories:

Best Project
Best Project for the Enterprise
Best Project for Gamers
Best Project for Multimedia
Best New Project
Best Tool or Utility for SysAdmins
Best Tool or Utility for Developers
Best Commercial Open Source Project (NEW category)
Best Project for Academia (NEW category)
Best Project for Government (NEW category)
Most Likely to Change the Way You Do Everything (NEW category)
Best Visual Design (NEW category)

I’m really curious to see which vendors, and the breadth of product markets that will be represented in the “Best Commercial Open Source Project” category. How will voters define “best”? Best to use without paying for the commercial product derived from the project?  Best to support a vendor revenue stream on?  Both!?

I also wonder if (/why) Microsoft is (not) sponsoring the Community Choice Awards, since they made a splash about sponsoring the 2008 awards.

Looking forward to seeing the nomination results and the final voting…