As Erik posted on Friday, the IBM WebSphere Application Server V7.0 Feature Pack for Communications Enabled Applications Beta (WAS V7 Feature Pack for CEA Beta) is now live.

Why should developers care?

Skills Reuse, Improved User Experiences, Lower Costs:
Well, with your existing Java skills, the WAS V7 Feature Pack for CEA can help you create some pretty awesome user experiences that improve the effectiveness of multi-modal online interactions and reduce costs. The WAS V7 CEA Feature Pack targets scenarios where users are interacting with each other through multiple modes of communications.

We’ve all been on a website, or for that matter, any web-based application, trying to find the right information before making a (purchase) decision. Often, multiple modes of communications (i.e. phone & website; instant messaging & website, etc.) are needed to obtain the information and make the decision.

Over the next two posts (here & here) I’ll discuss two key scenarios where the WAS V7 feature pack for CEA Beta shines. Saddle up…

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