A tweet informed me that Red Hat had added 600 employees in Fiscal 2008 and anticipated growing its employee base in 2009.  I was curious about the roles that Red Hat is looking to staff.

I pulled the openings by Red Hat’s job categories.  Some jobs fall into multiple categories.  As of yesterday there were 157 openings, but I count 200 when searching category by category.

I grouped the openings into high level job functions:

Sales and marketing openings represent 27% of the total.  Engineering represents 34% of openings while Support and Services represent 22% of openings.  The remaining 17% of openings are in “Shared Function” such as accounting, HR, finance, legal and internal IS/IT departments.

Red Had shows us that as open source vendors mature, attention must be paid to growing talent across the company.  It’s not an easy task for companies (open source or not!) that have typically been engineering led and focused.  But it’s required.

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