Ingres announced availability of the Ingres Icebreaker Enterprise Content Management software appliance today.  The software appliance delivers “just enough operating system” (JeOS) from rPath along with the Ingress Database and Alfresco’s ECM software.

This is an excellent move on the part of Ingres, Alfresco and rPath.  While some disagree with me, I’m beginning to think that customers will increasingly shift from purchasing individual support agreements to purchasing from consolidators.  I previously blogged about OpenLogic as an example of a support consolidator.  Now we’re seeing Ingres play the role of a solution-based consolidator.  Instead of acquiring support for Alfresco, Ingres Database and a Linux operating system, and having to deal with 3 vendors when a bug arises, customers get one product, with one point of contact. Delivering this software appliance on top of a blade server is the next step towards making it easier for enterprises to purchase open source solutions.

What do you think? Does this software appliance make you more willing to try the ECM solution?