Matt reports that MySQL’s Marten Mickos is leaving Sun.

It seems that the bureaucracy of a larger company didn’t fit well with Marten’s goals.  I’ve seen it happen several times with acquisitions at IBM.  And yet, some of these have been extremely successful.

Yes, this is a blow to Sun and their open source street cred.  But it’s not insurmountable.

Marc Fleury and a long list of key executives left Red Hat after the acquisition of JBoss.  And yet JBoss is still performing well for Red Hat.  As Marten mentions, he is:

“now stepping aside to let the strong managers of the group take over and continue the ambitious business ramp-up.”

This is exactly what happened at Red Hat (under Sacha’s leadership), and I’m expecting it’ll happen at Sun.

Having said all this, losing Marten is unfortunate.  He was a rational and highly pragmatic thinker in the open source arena.  His insights have shaped my thinking.  The open source movement is better off for Marten’s efforts.

Best wishes to him and to MySQL/Sun.