Interesting news that Bob Muglia has been promoted to “President” at Microsoft.  This appears to be a fairly exclusive title at Microsoft.  There are currently only 4 other “Presidents” at Microsoft.

Muglia is responsible for Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business at Microsoft (STB).  Much of Microsoft’s open source efforts are driven from within the STB division.  Bill Hilf, Sam Ramji and Robert Duffner all report up into Muglia.  I wonder what role the efforts of his open source team had in securing this promotion.  Or said differently, could Muglia have been promoted to President of STB if Microsoft was still fighting open source tooth and nail? is reporting:

“Muglia’s promotion will raise speculation about the pecking order for executives at Microsoft, as well as its succession plans for CEO of the company should Steve Ballmer depart, reports Computerworld. Ballmer has said publicly he plans to retire in 2018. “

At EclipseCon 2008, Sam Ramji said: “Microsoft is 3 years into a 10 year journey in reorienting Microsoft’s internal and external views on OSS.”

Wouldn’t it be interesting if Muglia were to take over for Ballmer in 2018?  An exec with open source experience in Microsoft’s CEO position; How’s that for a New Years prediction!