Reading the NY Times Bits blog story titled: “A Microsoft Veteran Embraces Open Source”, I’m left with one burning question.  Why is this news?

So, a guy (that worked at Microsoft) thinks Open Source is a great way forward for the software market and thinks that “Microsoft is toast”.  You don’t have to be an ex-Microsoft employee to hold these views! And really, is it news that an employee at a given company could have a differening view than the company?  For example, could you find an ex-IBMer that thinks IBM should still be in the applications market?  Or an ex-SUNer (is that what we call Sun employees) that thinks the shift to open source was a mistake?

I also wonder if the author wants to revise his conclusions about Microsoft based on Microsofts’s continual embrace of open source.

Open source isn’t going to kill established software vendors.  Open source must absolutely be a component of every software vendor’s strategy.  This isn’t news either.  I’ve only been beating that drum for 2+ years.

Yes, I know I’m feeding the fire here.  But I couldn’t help it! ;-)

If you want to read a great book about the software industry, read Softwar: An Intimate Portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle.