I’ve been a big fan of RedMonk’s unconference at CommunityOne over the past two years.  The conference is largely driven by the attendee participation.  So here’s your chance to submit a session, panel topic or lightning talk that falls into one of these categories:

  1. Next-Generation Platforms – Development and deployment in the cloud; virtualization.
  2. Social and Collaborative Platforms – Social networks and Web 2.0 trends.
  3. RIAs and Scripting – Rich Internet Applications, scripting and tools.
  4. Web Platforms – Dynamic languages, databases, and web and application servers.
  5. Mobile Development – Mobile platforms, devices, tools and application development.
  6. Native Development – HPC, chip multithreading, code base development, customization and contribution.
  7. Open – Any and all subjects are fair game.

Get your entry in before December 11, 2008.  Oh, and for those of us facing tighter travel budgets in 2009, CommunityOne will also be taking place in NYC (March 18th).  This is of course in addition to the usual event held in SF (June 1, 2009).