I haven’t covered Funambol in a while, so I was glad to get a quick update on the state of affairs.  I’ve always liked how much time and effort they invest in community participation. Here are some results:

  • Active Funambol installations growing more than 50 percent YTY
  • 3 million downloads, with huge uptake in China after translating the Funambol Forge into Chinese
  • 1,500 new developers registered in the last month alone

Here are three programs from Funambol that rely on community participation:

Phone Sniper: Have a phone and some time to spare?  Then, you can test Funambol with your phone and make some extra cash. (Think about the thousands of phone models in use across the world, especially emerging countries where a BlackBerry or iPhone is priced out of the market)

Code Sniper: Cash bounties to work on Funambol projects.

Lion Sniper: Rewards developers/users who can localize Funambol to languages that users want.  Funambol is focusing on French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic.  But hey, if you’re interested in another locale, have at it!  BTW, according to Funambol, ‘Lion’ is a play on ‘L10n’, which is shorthand for ‘Localization’, as there are 10 letters between ‘L’ and ‘n’.

The cool thing about Funambol is that almost anyone can be a community member.  Few of us will ever write a file system or a transaction manager, but most of us could verify that our phone works with Funambol, or translate docs into another language.

Very cool – keep up the good community work guys/gals