Sine Nomine Associates has released an OpenSolaris distribution for IBM’s System z mainframes.

Some of you may remember the Sun & IBM partnership to bring Solaris to the IBM mainframe.  However, I still don’t see IBM’s System z as a supported platform on the Solaris specs webpage.

I’m not completely sure about the relationship between Sine Nomine Associates and IBM and/or Sun.  Clearly Sun and IBM are aware of this effort since Sine Nomine Associates is the key driver behind the “Sirus” project at

Is Sine funded by IBM and/or Sun to do this work?  Will this work be the basis of the Solaris on System z offering (that the Sun & IBM partnership was set to deliver)?

A “no” and “yes” respectively to these questions would be very cool.  It would show that the “community” is scratching an itch.  It would also show that Sun is benefiting, through lower development expense and broader platform support, from their decision to open source Solaris.

I’m certain that Linux proponents will not like this news.  Linux on the Mainframe has been an extremely hot growth area for Linux.  But hey, competition is good for everyone!