As a Canadian Federal Election looms, the Green Party of Canada, releases its platform, including a section on Free/Libre Open Source Software.

Here’s what the Green Party has to say on the topic:

7. Open source computer software
As computer hardware improves, it is important that software programs are readily modifiable by the people who buy and use them. Developing alongside the proprietary software sector is Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS).  This software is generally available at little or no cost, making it very popular in the developing world. It can be used, copied, studied, modified and redistributed with little or no restriction. Businesses can adapt the software to their specific needs.

Under the free software business model, vendors may charge a fee for distribution and offer paid support and customization services. Free software gives users the ability to work together enhancing and refining the programs they use. It is a pure public good rather than a private good.

“Our Vision
The Green Party supports the goals and ideals of Free/Libre Open Source Software  (FLOSS) and believes that Canada’s competitiveness in global information technology (IT) will be greatly enhanced by strongly supporting FLOSS.

Green Solutions – Green Party MPs will:

  • Ensure that all new software developed for or by government is based on open standards and encourage and support a nationwide transition to FLOSS in all critical government IT systems. This will make Canada’s IT infrastructure more secure and robust, lower administration and licensing costs and develop IT skills.
  • Support the transition to FLOSS throughout the educational system.”

Canadian readers, know that the Green Party is still fighting to get recognized alongside the other three major political parties.  However, it’s not unheard of for the major parties to include (variations) of policy recommendations from each other.  It’ll be interesting to see a major North American political party highlight open source so prominently in their platform. How long until it happens?

Thanks to my friend Mat for sending along the link…when he really should have been studying for our Economics exam :-)