Last year, I wrote a post asking for a way to track comments from across the web.

Chris Golda emailed to let me know that his company, BackType, fills this very need.  BackType scours the web for comments and assigns them to BackType registered users (free to do so) based on the user’s id or homepage.  The cool thing about BackType is that it doesn’t require any plug-ins or change in behavior on the part of administrators or commenters.

I’ve created an account and set up my profile.  I’m hoping to see more of my comments (mostly at Slashdot, InfoWorld TSS, and CNet) as the crawler works its magic. Next, I’ll see who else is on BackType so I can start tracking their comments.

BackType has issues with capturing comments if the site doesn’t have a “homepage” (or similar) field when submitting a comment. I know that InfoWorld and CNet don’t have this field anymore.  BackType knows about this and is looking at assigning comments based on your user id at a given website.

Give it a shot and let us know what you think.