It was intrigued when a press release titled “over 8500 testers in more than 130 countries” was emailed to us.

uTest has released a SaaS-based global marketplace for testing web applications.  uTest estimates that over 10% of folks performing a QA/testing function have signed up as a member of the uTest community.  The uTest community is split mainly India (32%), USA (27%) and the UK (9%).  The service is being positioned as a compliment to internal testing resources, rather than a replacement.

Have a web application that needs (further) testing? Head on over to uTest, provide a link to the app, select a tester profile based on skills, demographics, etc., and you’re ready to go. uTest offers on-demand and annual pricing options.

According to the uTest website, over 4,335 bugs have been discovered by the uTest community of professional testers.

Using the community to do more than could be done with one company’s own resources is a key tenant of the open source development model.  However, unlike the open source development model, uTesters stop after they’ve found a bug since they don’t have the source code to fix the bugs that they discover.

I can see pros and cons for companies not sharing the source code for applications tested on uTest.

What do you think? Is uTest another step towards companies opening up their source code to an online community in an effort to produce better code with fewer resources?