Far from resting on the success of FF 3.0, the team is looking well into the future and asking what you’d like to see from your next generation browser.  From the folks at Mozilla:

“Today we’re calling on industry, higher education and people from around the world to get involved and share their ideas and expertise as we collectively explore and design future directions for the Web.

You don’t have to be a software engineer to get involved, and you don’t have to program. Everyone is welcome to participate. We’re particularly interested in engaging with designers who have not typically been involved with open source projects.”

Very cool to see Mozilla expanding the aperture of open source participation.  Even cooler that the concepts being displayed are truly innovative.  This isn’t about re-implementing a pre-existing feature in a competing browser.  It’s about innovation that, when you see the feature in action, it’s truly intuitive and you want to get the feature now! ;-)

Head on over to the Mozilla Labs blog and watch the videos.  The Aurora Concept totally rocks.  Actually, all three concepts are very cool.

Well done Mozilla et al!