OpenLogic announced an evolution to their “aggregated open source support” model today.  According to the press release:

“OpenLogic provides front line enterprise-grade support across the 400 open source packages in its certified library. In 2006, OpenLogic created its Expert Community to provide additional backstop support – paying lead open source developers for support.  Now, with this new partnership program, commercial partners will provide backstop support for their projects and OpenLogic will resell its partners’ enterprise support offerings.”

OpenLogic’s CEO Steve Grandchamp is quoted: “This is the next phase of our open source aggregation model where we partner with leading open source vendors as well as individual open source developers to provide open source support”.

EnterpriseDB and JasperSoft are the inaugural members of the OpenLogic partnership program.

Judging by the use of the terms “front line support” and “backstop support”, it appears that OpenLogic will continue to own the customer relationship.  If the customer has a support question regarding, for example, EnterpriseDB, it appears that OpenLogic staff will work with EnterpriseDB staff on a solution.

On one hand, this seems like a good move for OSS vendors (i.e. JasperSoft) looking to leverage a new channel.  On the other, not having a direct relationship with the customer may pose a challenge in the future.  OpenLogic benefits from being able to offer customers a one-stop-shop for OSS support, while relying on the vendors that know their own products the best.

In any case, good luck to OpenLogic and its partners!