I just read about Morph, another one of Winston Damarillo’s startups.  Winston’s past startup successes include Gluecode Software, acquired by IBM, and Logicblaze, acquired by Iona Technologies.  Based on his track record, Morph is definitely a vendor I’d be watching in the cloud space.

Yesterday’s news from Morph centers on adding support for Java and Grails apps on its platform as a service, Morph AppSpace.

According to Morph, “Each Morph AppSpace subscription is an end-to-end deployment, delivery and management system for web applications that combines technology, services and people into a low-cost managed service.”

Pricing starts at $1/day for an entry-level application to $4/day for a high-use application.  A developer account for testing and staging is free.

Puttering around their website, it seems that Morph is leveraging Amazon’s S3 under the covers.  It’s not clear if Morph is using EC2 or not.  Choosing to leverage S3 makes sense from a cost standpoint, but I wonder about tying Morph AppSpace directly to a competitor.

I’ll try to get more info on Morph and post another entry.