I haven’t really followed SourceLabs for a little while now, and yet, strangely enough, they’ve been doing new and interesting things even without me watching ;-). SourceLabs “Self-Support Suite for Linux and Open Source Java” caught my eye, so I thought I’d learn more about it. I watched a demo that began with the slogan: “We’re IT people…we don’t call support”. Made me laugh out loud…

The useful thing about the Self-Support Suite is that it adds diagnostics to your applications. When developers have a support issue, the diagnostics results are used to search for the similar problem *and* the solution from within 16 million data points in the SourceLabs support repository. The repository is constantly updated with information from mailing lists, bug databases, code repositories, security bulletins, etc. There’s only one catch; what if there isn’t a solution available yet?

This is where OpenLogic comes in. (Remember that OpenLogic provides support for hundreds of OSS projects in one convenient support package).

While developers may not (like to) call support, it’s more than likely that their manager or their business would much rather that the support issue is dealt with ASAP. The combination of SourceLabs and OpenLogic would provide compelling value to developers, managers and businesses. The merger (or acquisition) would address the needs of developers wanting to solve problems themselves and managers wanting to ensure there is a safety net for the business when a solution isn’t easily found.

Seems like a win-win-win for OpenLogic, SourceLabs and customers.