Via Nick Carr’s posting today. The McKinsey survey suggests:

  • The software industry technology innovations of the past 2-3 years are nothing compared to new technologies we’re about to see
  • This innovation is likely driven by SaaS/PaaS and Web Services/SOA with 31% and 25% of respondents selecting them as the most important trend impacting their business. Open source received 8% of the votes from 857 respondents, just above 7% for “Software industry consolidation”
  • Currently 65% of software spending is through traditional license/maintenance models, with 19% coming from subscription/on-demand. These figures are “expected” to shift to 58% & 21% respectively by 2009.
  • The majority of this shift toward subscription-based models is coming from companies with <100 employees.
  • The top three criteria for selecting SaaS vendors are: “deployment speed, ease of Integration”, “vendor track record in SaaS” and “Costs”.
  • Overall, control of software decisions split 83% / 17% between centrally controlled vs. business unit controlled. This split grows as the company size increases. For example, it’s down to 67% / 33% in companies with > 25,000 employees.

Lots of other good info (you can read more here). I wonder that last data point will impact OSS adoption. It’s probably a net positive for applications that business users interact with. Not sure if a business unit decision maker cares as much about middleware decisions though.