Just read about the launch of “The Open Source Census“. This is the next step in OpenLogic‘s efforts to get a better sense of which OSS products are actually used in enterprises. Until now, the OSS product usage data we’ve seen has been from surveys of people who likely don’t know the extent of OSS usage across their company.

So, time for you all to participate:

  1. Start here
  2. Take inventory of OSS packages installed
  3. Upload the results (anonymously) to The Open Source Census
  4. Review the consolidated results from others

The results so far: 231 machines have been scanned and a total of 52,354 installations of 650 unique OSS packages have been found.

It’ll be interesting to see the results in a few weeks.

Kudos to sponsors OpenLogic, IDC, Collabnet, Holme Roberts & Owen, Navica, Olliance Group, Unisys, Open Solutions Alliance and Open Source Business Foundation for making this happen!