Rich Internet Application (RIA) vendor Curl, named InfoWorld’s 2008 Technology of the Year in the RIA category, announced that they will be rebasing the Curl IDE on Eclipse. The Eclipse-based product, named Curl Development Tools for Eclipse (CDE) is expected to Beta in mid-2008. Why the rebasing? According to Curl:

“Today’s programmers expect to do much of their programming in an integrated development environment (IDE) without having to jump around to unrelated and disconnected tools.”

Valid point indeed. I wonder why Curl didn’t start with an Eclipse-based IDE from the beginning. In researching this post, I found this InfoWorld article on Curl:

“One of a number of “middleweight” solutions in the RIA (rich Internet application) spectrum, Curl is a language, an IDE, and a runtime engine that goes beyond the capabilities of lighter-weight AJAX without incurring the heavier overhead of the Java or .Net runtime. A number of Curl characteristics make it especially suitable for enterprise use: excellent performance, the ability to handle intermittent connectivity, support for large data sets, and graceful presentation of complex interfaces.


As I said last August, “Curl may well be the most interesting computer language that you don’t already know. Given that you can use the personal tools free forever and deploy the results on the Internet for free, the only barrier to evaluating it would be finding the time””

Ahh, time….hey, if Curl can find the time to rebase on Eclipse, surely some of you can find the time to give the Curl language and runtime a whirl?