Today at OSBC, the results of the North Bridge Venture Partners’ annual “Future of Open Source” survey were released. Try as I may, I could not find out who the respondents were (i.e. developers, CIOs, the Asay family, FSJ, etc) or what the sample size was.

You can see a summary of key findings at the bottom of this page. Here are two findings not included in the key findings list.

Head on over to chart 9/16 to the question asking “Who will command the majority of commercial OS software revenue (non consulting) in 2012?” Yes, 15% of respondents went with pure play vendors like Red Hat. However, over 2x that figure went with platform vendors like IBM, Oracle, SAP (?) and Sun.

Even more interesting, chart 11/16 asked: “Can a startup software vendor realistically enter the (enterprise) market with a product/service that is NOT open source?” Nearly 80% of respondents disagreed with the statement. Now, if you’re a VC, and you see the type of money that closed-source vendors can generate vs. OSS counterparts, (i.e. vmware vs. Xensource) are you going to think twice about the “should this be open sourced or not” decision?