As Matt reported last week, IBM announced that it was bowing out of the solidDB for MySQL project.

“Those of you who know Solid’s history know that Solid has long been a leader in the area of in-memory database software. This in-memory technology, and not Solid’s open source offering, was the key driver behind IBM’s acquisition. As a result, I regret to inform you that, effective immediately, we will not be continuing further development on solidDB for MySQL.

solidDB for MySQL will continue to be hosted and available here at SourceForge, and existing releases will continue to be available under the GPL.”

According to, there have been 2,415 downloads of solidDB for MySQL since November 2006. As a result, I’d guess there are 200-500 users today.

Will there be enough community interest to continue development on the solidDB for MySQL project?

I ask because source code availability is supposed to guard against vendor lock-in. While this is obviously the case on paper, I’ve wondered how it would play out in practice. How do users/customers build or find community interest to support a project that the original vendor has walked away from? If the originating vendor walked away from the project, can a third-party build a business case to continue developing the project? I guess we’ll see….