Everyone knows that I’m an IBMer in the software division that competes with JBoss. I have a lot of respect for the folks leading JBoss, and hope that has come through in my public interactions with guys like Bill, Sacha & Shaun.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. JBoss is good for the middleware market. They (and other OSS middleware vendors) keep all the big vendors at the top of our game.

But as I read story after story about JBoss targeting a 50% share of enterprise middleware workloads by 2015, I was left scratching my head. First off, most stories just seemed to accept the “target” without questioning the likelihood. About the only story that separated aspiration from likelihood was by Dan Farber at BTL. Kudos Dan!

Red Hat’s “Enterprise Acceleration” initiative, which underpins this 50% goal, consists of:

1] Comprehensive Enterprise Middleware Portfolio
2] Enterprise Products – From Community Development to JBoss Enterprise
3] Enterprise Acceleration Center

JBoss has been executing on #1 & #2 on this list for some time. The only “new news” would be #3. Come on Sacha, I wanted to hear something new out of JBoss World! ;-) What’s the Enterprise Acceleration Center really about? According to Red Hat, key elements currently planned include:

  • Performance Tuning Lab – performance benchmarking, testing, best practice guides Interoperability Lab – interoperability testing with other environments and products
  • Live Certification Center – ISV and customers can test their applications on JBoss Enterprise Middleware and proactively adapt to new releases
  • Migration Lab – processes, partners, services and best practices to transition from other software to JBoss Enterprise Middleware

Will the combination of #1, #2 & #3 drive the conversion from users to customers?

Anywho, I wish the folks at JBoss the best of luck towards this 50% goal, just don’t expect to get there without a fight ;-)