Cote is at Sun’s analyst event and has two posts that caught my attention.

Cote writes:

“Sun’s story is the same and more eloquent than ever: telcos will accept open-think finally, emerging markets will leap-frog over using closed, hegemonic technology for their IT build-up preferring open, flexible nirvanas, and the tried and true cash-pipe of 1st world enterprise data-centers will see that the combo of Solaris & those perfect looking aluminum-cased boxes are what running data-centers deserve to be like.


The Sun faithful believe this utopia-bet so much so that they bristle at calling it such. To the Sun faithful, they’re betting on inevitability, the march of time. They’re no doubt practicing the phrase “I told you so” in the shower every morning.

That is the Sun ethos in a nutshell.”

Do you think Sun’s utopia bet is going to pay off? (Obviously I have my views, but I just found out my new neighbor is VP of Software Sales in Canada…so I’ll hold my tongue.)