Just hours before my meeting with Rod to “get an update on what SpringSource has been up to”, they go and pull the trigger on this…the nerve of these OSS upstarts! ;-)

InfoWorld reports:

“Through the acquisition, SpringSource plans to offer a single source of products and services to develop and run enterprise applications using the Spring Portfolio and Apache projects. The Spring Portfolio of applications has been downloaded more than 4 million times, according to SpringSource.

Covalent, meanwhile, has staff members actively involved in Apache software projects and has a lead developer working on Apache Tomcat, said Mark Brewer, CEO of Covalent. He will become vice president and general manager of SpringSource’s Covalent business unit.
SpringSource said enterprises are increasingly opting for Spring, Tomcat, and open source over bloated, complex legacy Java platforms. These legacy platforms include Java servers from such companies as BEA Systems, Oracle, and even open source proponent JBoss, according to Brewer.”

And in keeping with Neelan’s vision of Interface21 (the name of SpringSource at the time) driving $1 billion in revenue, Rod states:

“We don’t need to look to a large incumbent as an exit strategy”

Good luck gents!