I couldn’t resist using the title from the press release.

Mathew Aslett has a nice summary of Nokia’s acquisition of Trolltech for about $153M USD. The deal appears to be for ~4x 2007 estimated revenues of ~$40M USD.

Trolltech offers Qt for high-performance, cross-platform application development and Qtopia for mobile Linux devices. Trolltech utilize a dual license model. According to the download page, you can download their products under the GPL if “I’m Developing Open Source Software” or a proprietary commercial version if “I’m Developing Commercial Software”. It appears that the commercial versions have more capabilities than the OSS versions. Interestingly enough Trolltech does not offer support around the OSS versions. They are running a true “product-based” business model.

Interesting to see Nokia go down this route vs. Android. I guess Google couldn’t really expect Nokia to run and hide at the sight of Android. The #2 & #3 handset providers behind Nokia, Samsung and Motorola, are members of the open handset alliance, which is behind Android.

Let’s see if Nokia open sources the ‘commercial’ versions of Qt and Qtopia in order to compete vs. Android. And if so, will ISVs jump for joy considering the risk of having to pick sides in the handset platform battle?