Many of you likely missed Microsoft’s earnings announcement. Considering all the news about LoopFuse, “a JBoss Alumni-led startup” today, who could blame you?

Since Roy Russo (whose life goal appears to be making fun of Canadians and my business school education) and Matt Asay are involved, I had to blog this news. Also, one of the co-founders of Eloqua, the Toronto-based company that LoopFuse appears to be going up against, dated a friend of mine, so this competition is of even more interest.

InfoWorld writes:

“The product, called LoopFuse OneView, includes tools for e-mail marketing, Web analytics, managing campaigns and scoring and prioritizing leads, among other things. The new release, version 3.0, will add lead management and lead nurturing tools, a spokesman said. The software is released under the GNU General Public License.”

My favorite quote:

“While our proprietary competitors tread water, and ask you to empty your wallets for 8+ year-old brittle-ware, we’re busy innovating, innovating, and innovating, by applying open source principles and methodologies to every facet of our products and business,” LoopFuse said in its blog last year.”

Best of luck gents.

In related news (since I’m sure LoopFuse wants to grow into a Microsoft Killer one day…which software firm doesn’t?)….Microsoft just topped their quarterly revenue record by $2B.

“”Revenue of over $16 billion this quarter exceeds our previous record by $2 billion,” said Chris Liddell, chief financial officer at Microsoft. “We are extremely pleased by the broad based strength of our business performance and field execution. Throughout the first half of our fiscal year, all of our businesses met or beat our expectations.””

Oracle, IBM and Microsoft all reported impressive software revenues lately. OSS vendor revenues have been going through the roof also. Strange eh? Well, not if you believe that OSS and Commercial software will (happily) co-exist and grow in conjunction, as I do.