Tom Krazit at is reporting that Google will formally announce a mobile platform dubbed “Android”.

Tom writes:

“A software development kit for what’s being called “a complete mobile-phone software stack” is believed to be in the works and will be released relatively soon thereafter, the sources said. It’s not exactly clear what kind of software will come as part of that stack, but it’s said to include everything you need to run a phone.”

Google is also expected to announce the formation of the Open Handset Alliance, which includes vendors such as Qualcomm, Intel, Motorola, Intel, Spring NTT DoCoMo, and others.

It’s great to see Google herding cats towards a vision of “open handsets”. The apparent lack of Nokia and RIM in the Open Handset Alliance is troubling. It’s difficult to see any mobile phone alliance succeeding without involvement from Nokia (#1 overall) and RIM (leader in smart phone market & expanding into consumer space). But I guess you shouldn’t bet against Google…especially when Google sees future revenue coming increasingly form mobile scenarios.