Matt Aslett at The 451 Group reports:

“Red Hat and GroundWork Open Source announced an interesting expansion of their partnership today that sees Red Hat offering 24×7 telephone premium support for GroundWork products, as well as the sale of GroundWork training classes.”

I, like every one, wondered why Red Hat went with GroundWork versus Hyperic. At first I thought this is just some piece of marketing from GroundWork, but since the press release has a quote from Red Hat, I have to believe someone over at RH thinks this is a good idea.

It seems strange considering Hyperic is the foundation of the JBoss ON product. What’s stranger is that Hyperic isn’t listed on RHX under systems monitoring providers (only Zenoss & GroundWork are listed). Javier, what’s the deal? :-)

A NetworkWorld review said this about GroundWork’s OSS product in June 2007:

“In contrast to Zenoss Core and Hyperic HQ, GroundWork Open Source’s free-for-the-download open source network monitoring and management product, called GroundWork Monitor, is quite basic and lacking in features.”

<conspiracy_theory_hat_on> The only thing I can think of is that RH is staying away from Hyperic because of Hyperic’s VCs. Accel Partners & Matrix Partners are both Hyperic investors, as they were in JBoss investors. It’s well within the realm of possibility that RH executives, after paying over $300M for JBoss, are not eager to jump into bed with Accel or Matrix again. GroundWork’s VC’s don’t include Accel, Matrix or Benchmark (where one of the Accel guys jumped to after the JBoss deal). </conspiracy_theory_hat_on>