I ran into this piece of PR from IBM today.

“Initially developed to power the Apollo space program, IMS is recognized as the industry’s first modern database and transaction management software. Over the past three decades, the reliability, security and performance of IMS has led it to become the backbone for much of the world’s corporate data. In fact, almost ninety five percent of Fortune 1000 companies use IMS for their most critical IBM System z data management needs with more than 50 billion transactions running through IMS databases on a daily basis.”

I only highlight it because IMS (database & transaction processing system) is nearly 40 years old and customers still see value in it. IMS has added new features and capabilities to remain relevant to customers, but 40 years is a long time for any piece of information technology. Alternatives to IMS that have emerged, but few (if any?) provide the performance and reliability of IMS for a certain class of applications.

Just another reason why a one size fits all approach in the IT world doesn’t make much sense.