Networkworld is reporting:

“The leader of Microsoft’s integration efforts around open source software and its proprietary technologies is expanding his role by adding the title “general manager of Windows server marketing,” further indication that Microsoft plans to crank up the volume on its Windows/Linux story.

“This expanded role is a natural evolution of the work Bill has led at Microsoft over the past four years – working together with Microsoft technology-development teams and the open source community to build interoperable solutions on top of the Windows Platform, and continuing the discussion around Linux and Windows,” a company representative said.”

Anyone know if a GM of marketing trumps a GM of development/engineering at Microsoft? I guess I’m asking if this announcement means that Bill will help drive changes to the Windows server product? Or is he responsible for having fewer “get the facts” marketing campaigns?

In any case, Microsoft continues in their march towards OSS (and maybe acquiring Red Hat, a Nostradamus-ish prediction of mine).