Bryan Kirschner over at Port25 has a very interesting graph:

What does the graph show? According to Bryan:

“It’s showing Microsoft’s reported fiscal year revenue, which grew to $51.122B USD in 2007 from $6.075B in 1995


During most of this time, we didn’t have Codeplex.
We didn’t have licenses submitted to the OSI.
We didn’t have Port 25.
We didn’t have Bill Hilf, or Sam Ramji, or the rest of the OSS lab.
And we didn’t have

And Microsoft and open source did grow…”

Dude, couldn’t you create a fancy 3d chart in PowerPoint or something?!? :-)

All kidding aside, great point Bryan!! (And one I’ve been making about the impact of OSS to the application server market that is near and dear to my heart/pay cheque)

Just imagine the possibilities as Microsoft continues to get “more OSS religion”. I’m not saying Gates is going to don a Penguin suit. But if you think Microsoft isn’t going to use OSS to drive their business forward (in some way), then you’re underestimating one of the largest and most successful businesses of all time.

Don’t let history cloud the possibilities at Microsoft’s disposal.

Microsoft may not always play as fairly with OSS as some would like, but rest assured that Microsoft isn’t going to walk off the pitch.