I’m sure someone with better insight than I (evil Geir?) thought this was a great idea.

Schwartz states:

“Most know Java, few know Sun – we can bring the two one step closer.”

I don’t understand why Sun would want to market the fact that while they “own” Java, IBM, Oracle, BEA and even JBoss have all built & grown middleware businesses of varying size with Java. Sun on the other hand was never able to gain any traction in the middleware market. Imagine if Sun had to play from a level field….

To be fair, Sun may drive substantial revenue from licensing Java to devices etc. I’ve never seen that revenue figure, but that shouldn’t mean it’s not substantial (or that it is).

I wonder what will happen when the next “killer language” comes out. At one time, COBOL and C/C++ held the same marketplace position that Java does today. In the technology market, nothing ever dies completely, but nothing ever remains on top forever.

This seems oddly similar to companies that added an “e-” or “.com” to their company name in the early 2000s.

Well, good luck with that,


e-Savio.com Inc.

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