Via CBR, I read Bob Sutor’s (VP of Open Standards for IBM) comments on Microsoft and GPLv3:

Frankly, whatever they say, it might end up being up to the lawyers and other aspects of the legal system to decide what it all means.

Yes, it looks like the lawyers are going to be busy ($$$$). I tried to determine how much the FSF has in its coffers. The FSF website says:

Review our financial information now at Charity Navigator.

I couldn’t get any detailed financials for the FSF via Charity Navigator as the site kept giving me a 404 when I tried to get details on the FSF. I did manage to get this (after registering). It seems that the FSF collects about $788K, with total expenses of $698K and net assets of $892k. I assume these are 2006 figures. The FSF will need significantly more donations if the GPLv3 debate makes it to the courtroom. Get your cheques/paypal/etc ready!

On that note, I noticed a Help Make Poverty History graphic on the top right-hand corner of Bob’s blog. If you think the GPLv3 fight is important enough for your donations, maybe you’ll consider this fight also? I don’t mean to preach as I’m certain readers devote their resources to charitable endeavors as they see fit. But, if you’re looking for an interesting book, check out The End of Poverty by Jeffery D. Sachs.