Matt is interviewed at Dana’s open source blog at ZDNet.

“We sell primarily to places that also use Java, to companies that care about open source, and there are a lot. Open source is becoming a default for large companies. I’m seeing that more and more.”

There’s some truth in “companies that care about open source”, but the story is incomplete.

To complete the story, let’s look at this chart from a Forrester study that Matt previously wrote about. If you can’t read the figures, here’s the full report (See pg. 6). The #1 attribute of open source that enterprise decision makers care most about: “Supporting open standards”.

Open source doesn’t guarantee open standards. But as the data indicates, the key attribute of OSS in the eyes of enterprise decision makers is open standards. OSS vendor/buyer/user beware.

We should note that the third most important OSS attribute: “Not being locked in to a single vendor” is delivered through open standards, not open source.

The second most important OSS attribute “using without restrictions” is something I’ll challenge in a future post.

Excluding these top 3 OSS attributes, the remaining are truly linked with open source. Amusing to see that, essentially, “using for free” is the highest ranked OSS attribute remaining. OSS vendors are living with/through this attribute on a daily basis as they grow their businesses.