It’s based on PHP 5, limiting its use by the majority of PHP developers who don’t like/understand OO programming, or simply, are happy with PHP 4 thank you very much. But the audience seems to be enterprise developers that want to take advantage of the speed of development & productivity that PHP provides. So, PHP 5 was definitely the right choice.

Infoworld reports:

Zend Framework 1.0 will not be the only PHP development framework around as it will share the scene with frameworks like Cake and Prado. But Zend’s is the first framework with support from a corporate entity and relevant contributions from companies like IBM and Google, Zend said.

Gartner’s Mark Driver is quoted:

“The positive aspect [of the framework] is it this is exactly the kind of thing mainstream IT developers are asking for,” Driver said. But traditional PHP developers already have been satisfied with what has been available, he said.

Will the introduction of this ‘enterprisey’ framework have an impact on the adoption of PHP in the enterprise? Peter Yared, based on his previous post, likely thinks it’ll be an uphill battle. And to be honest, so do I. But hey, let the market decide!