You may have heard that I’ll be blogging at the InfoWorld Open Sources blog. It’s a shame that Matt Asay is moving on to bigger and better things (you can follow him at CNet). I’m sure we’ll continue to disagree about an item or two related to open source :-)

I’m pretty excited about joining the InfoWorld Open Sources team. A key reason for this, (aside from being in the company of a few open source stars) is because I don’t work for an OSS vendor. I told Steve Fox, Editor in Chief at InfoWorld, that bringing in a voice from the Traditional software world to the Open Sources team was a forward-looking move on InfoWorld’s behalf*. The views from 1.8% of the software market have historically been, and will no doubt continue to be, amply represented at Open Sources. I’ll do my best to bring in a complimentary viewpoint from the other 98.2% of the software market (with a lot of help from friends!).

OSS commentary and analysis from an OSS & Traditional vendor lens is another example of the idea that Redmonk’s Cote coined “pragmatic open source” (definitely more on this soon). In keeping with the pragmatic storyline, as JBoss’ Sacha Labourey likes to close his correspondence with:


*I believe credit mainly goes to Matt Asay & Dave Rosenberg for making this happen behind the scenes. Wow – did I just call Matt & Dave visionaries?!? ;-)

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