Roberto wonders if an Open Source Awareness campaign is needed.

If such a campaign takes hold, I’d suggest that the a solid colour not be used for the ribbon. Maybe use a striped ribbon or a ribbon with different coloured spots/squares/stars/penguins/etc.


Well, because most customers don’t adopt open source or traditional software. They use software (and IT) to solve a business problem or address a business opportunity. Having any conversation that ends with “and that’s why you should only use OSS” is likely going to fall on deaf ears (edge-cases excluded).

Customers are continuing to use OSS and traditional software in conjunction to solve business problem or address a business opportunity. This is something MySQL understands when they position themselves as a Toyota vs. 747s like Oracle, DB2 or SQL Server.

I also think Microsoft’s Bill Hilf provides a good example of OSS & traditional software working together for customer/user value:

“If someone needs proof that open source and commercial models/software/hardware/etc. can be and are compatible, just look at the Web. Not only are they compatible, they have proven to be an amazing powerful combination.”

One size fits all is a great motto for a sock vendor, not a software vendor.