I just read about MySQL’s Quality Contribution Program (QCP) and I have to say it rocks! It’s a great way to build and maintain community.

Essentially, folks who submit bug reports, test cases or code patches get “QA Points”. When contributors reach a certain level of points over the past 12 months, they get a 1 year subscription to MySQL Enterprise Basic, Silver, Gold or Platinum.

I wonder if paying for (a varying level of) expenses related to a MySQL conference would be more of a “prize” :-)

Nice to see that MySQL’s list of leading community contributors isn’t stacked with MySQL employees.

Viewing the above list gave me a reason to revisit this JBoss “community” page. As best as I can determine, 44 of these folks work at JBoss in some fashion and the remaining 42 are not employed by JBoss. Maybe if Bill reads this, he’ll consider asking someone to list the 44 JBoss employees on a separate “JBoss employees” page? A group of great employees don’t constitute a good community. They may constitute a good company, but community takes more than that.