When this launches in June, Jazz.net is going to be quite cool!

Jazz is an open source project, kicked off by IBM, focused on providing tools that promote development for geographically distributed teams. (Remember, you have to wait until June to get your hands on it). IBM intends to open source a framework for geographically distributed team development, and 3rd parties will be able to provide extensions (like the Eclipse model). The software will work with Eclipse & Visual Studio. Here’s Danny Sabbah (IBM Rational GM) quoting a feature that sounds really cool and useful:

“or example, Jazz software will allow a programmer to send an instant message to a colleague with source code. Rather than see static text, the receiver could click to see where the code fits into the application, the original requirements and relevant tests.”

Not sure how they’re going to decide between features that sit in the open source product vs. those that are in the for-fee Rational product. Let’s hope that the Rational folks err on the side of including more value inside of the open source product. The strategy has been quite successful in growing the use of Eclipse, which in turn provides Rational (and other vendors) a larger customer base to sell higher-value offerings. Give more to get more.