Alex Fletcher posted about Eclipse needing to establish a better/standardized web delivery strategy for the vast number of Eclipse plugins and Eclipse technology.

His post made me think about the Geronimo Plugin Model. It does a lot of what Alex is looking for from Eclipse, except it’s for Geronimo ;-)

The Geronimo Plugin Model makes it really simple to get plugins (i.e. extensions, new features, samples, things that work with Geronimo, etc.). These plugins are easily installed, pulling down required dependencies and all without having to restart the server (in most cases – See here). You can also copy the plugins from your development server over to your production server(s) or any other server(s). Use the Geronimo console to get plugins, or download the plugin initially through and then use the console to install the plugin. There are a lot more Geronimo plugins than I’d last seen about 6 months ago. Keep ’em coming!

[The pic is from Flickr user dAVIDb1]