Construction WorkOne more post addressing a search query that was used to hit this blog:

Search term: how to work on WASCE
Suggestion: If you want to work on the WAS CE ‘project‘ (i.e. contribute), then let’s take a step back for a second.

WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (WAS CE) is:

  • a commercial product, built on open source Apache Geronimo technology
  • an IBM product
  • licensed under a commercial IBM license (non-OSI compliant)
  • “worked on” by IBM employees (as would be typical for a commercial product)

Apache Geronimo is:

  • an open source product, built using leading open source components
  • an Apache Software Foundation product
  • licensed under the OSI-compliant ASF 2.0 license
  • “worked on” by an open community of vendors and developers (many stakeholders and no single controlling vendor)

Now, it should be clear why I put project in quotes when I said: If you want to work on the WAS CE ‘project’. Since WAS CE is an IBM commercial product, there really isn’t a way to “work on” the WAS CE project. But since WAS CE is built on Apache Geronimo, when you contribute code to the Geronimo project, you are contributing code that will likely end up in WAS CE. So, you can, and are encouraged to, work on the Apache Geronimo project. Geronimo is an open source product developed via a true open source project and community. Your efforts have a wide impact when you contribute to the Apache Geronimo project.

If you’re looking to get on the WAS CE mailing list and help answer questions that come up, then definitely check out the WAS CE developerWorks forum here.

PS: If the search query was really intended to mean “how to use WAS CE”, you’ll find the WAS CE documentation here. Get samples here (IBM ID required) or from the WAS CE zone at Sourceforge. Also, get lots of helpful articles here from the developerWorks WAS CE Zone.

Hope this helped ;-)