I’m going to address a few search queries that people are using to hit this blog (and for which I didn’t have an appropriate post at the time).

Search term: “DB2 xml WAS Community” //www.flickr.com/photos/joodles/244752804/

Suggestion: Check out this article at developerWorks. DB2 9 has native support for XML, which is why I’m suggesting the article. Yes, you have to register with your IBM id to get at the article. But the IBM ID works across all IBM sites (I believe) so get it once and you’re all set. BTW, Lin, one of the authors of the article is on the WAS CE development team. She knows her stuff and was a pleasure to work with!

Also, in case you’re looking to use Geronimo with DB2 v9, then you’ll find this Geronimo wiki document helpful. Since the document was written for DB2 v8. Here’s a pointer to the “install JDBC driver for DB2 v9” help page from IBM.

Hope this helps :-)

[Image from Flickr user: onebyjude (Check out the magnifying glass)]