Another post where I’m going to address a search query that folks have used to hit this blog:

Search term: “mysql WASCE”
Suggestion: First, I’ve mailed the WAS CE product team asking for a short developerWorks article to address this configuration question. In the interim, you should know:Instructions

1. From the WAS CE docs: “Database managers are integrated with the server as J2EE resource adapters implemented from the Tranql open source project. For example, you can integrate any database manager that supplies a compliant JDBC driver in a non-XA configuration by deploying tranql-connector-1.1.rar with a properly configured deployment plan. See the EMPDemo for an example.”

2. Next, start with this developerWorks article titled “Three ways to connect a database to a Geronimo application server”. The article itself is old, and refers to older versions of files etc. But the principles and steps should still work and the article is totally focused on using MySQL. Use this article to get familiar with the concepts, but then use the sample application I mention below. It contains more recent files (i.e. deployment plan) that you can edit and use for your purposes. Also, remember that WAS CE is built with Apache Geronimo, so even though this is a Geronimo-based article, a WAS CE-based article would read the same.

3. Now, use the EMPDemo sample application to see examples of configuring JDBC drivers with WAS CE. While the sample shows how to access Derby/Cloudscape, MS SQL Server and Oracle, there is a sample MySQL plan for your use. Get the sample files from IBM here (IBM ID required) or here (from the IBM WAS CE download site at Sourceforge).

I’ll update this post when I hear back from the WAS CE product team. There may actually be a recent document on using MySQL with WAS CE, but I wasn’t able to find it quickly.