Sys-Con is quoting Marc Fleury, JBoss founder & CEO and now SVP & GM of JBoss Division at Red Hat, as having said:

“(while Red Hat) really haven’t gotten in the way”…“the R&D really hasn’t benefited from a huge investment, which I was hoping for and was the main reason I went to Red Hat”

[UPDATED 2006-11-27: Eweek has a longer article on the Fleury interview here]

Well, if Marc was looking for an R&D bump, he should have calculated how much more Red Hat spends on SG&A (sales, marketing & administrative) vs. R&D compared to Oracle or other large IT vendors. If Marc had done this, he’d have thought twice about Oracle. But maybe he’ll get to experience that also ;-)

While JBoss and Red Hat feel each other out and Marc goes to the Red Hat executive team with his tin cup for R&D, the WAS CE team has been making significant strides against JBoss. According to an Evans Developer Study of Eclipse users released in the summer, WAS CE usage with Eclipse grew from 0% in 2005 to 16%, compared to a growth of 13% to 19% for JBoss. That’s nearly 3x faster growth for WAS CE than for JBoss. Oh, and Apache Geronimo usage by Eclipse users grew from 1% use in 2005 to 14%, not bad eh? Combined, 30% of developers using Eclipse said they developed against Geronimo/WAS CE compared to 19% for JBoss.

Goes to show you what a true open community (Geronimo) and IBM’s R&D efforts (WAS CE) can team up to do together.