Matt believes that JBoss following a Fedora/RHEL model is good news for customers.  I’m not so sure :-)

What about customers and partners that don’t want to pay for support?  What happens to them?

This move is incredibly bad for partners because it’s going to force every ISV and SI that is considering JBoss to enter into a licensing deal with JBoss (i.e. pay for support etc.).  While this may be okay for Alfresco (where Matt is part of the executive team), I’ve spoken to literally hundreds of smaller ISV/SIs that sell to SMB customers and don’t have the margin room to get railroaded by this Red Hat/JBoss revenue grab.  These partners who are using or considering JBoss are surely going to look elsewhere.

Apache Geronimo & WAS CE are much better alternatives.  Customers & partners are free to use and distribute Geronimo or WAS CE without support.  Just like these forgotten customers and partners expect. Just like all customers and partners expect, CHOICE.

PS: based on the recent WAS CE Partner Initiative results, it seems that partners are totally getting it!