IBM announced last week that more than 600 partners have joined the WAS Community Edition (WAS CE) partner initiative that was launched 6 months ago. And that over 200 ISVs have already developed applications that support WAS CE.

This is pretty big news for WAS CE, and the Apache Geronimo community also (since WAS CE is built with Geronimo inside). Comparing the way that others are treating their partners, I can bet that the number of partners attracted to WAS CE & Geronimo is going to keep growing this fast. One possibility is that these recent WAS CE partner figures will scare Red Hat/JBoss into reconsidering their heavy-haned approach to partnering.

More details on the WAS CE Partner Initiative can be found here. It looks like some of the dates have passed, but I’ll find out if the WAS CE team is going to extend the program in light of the huge success over the past 6 months.

[UPDATE 2006-11-28:] I just found out from Bob Arfman, who was leading the WAS CE Partner Iniative, that the program has expired.  Partners interested in WAS CE can still join IBM PartnerWorld, but the special benefits associated with the WAS CE Partner Initiative are no longer being offered.  BUT…. he’s working on something a lot bigger that partners are going to dig.  Look for the new partner initiative in early 2007.