Alex Fletcher has a pointer to the Geronimo JEE5 report card. I also know that Geronimo has their roadmap here.

I found both pages cool for two key reasons.

First, anyone, including the competition, can very easily track Geronimo’s progress against their target of passing the JEE 1.5 TCK with the release of Geronimo 2.0 in 2007. They’ll be adding JEE 1.5 capabilities in releases of Geronimo from 1.2 onward until they hit Geronimo 2.0.

I tried to look for roadmap pages for JBoss or GlassFish. All I could find was this from JBoss. It’s too marketingish and dated to be comparable to the transparent development effort that the Geronimo team is undertaking. GlassFish does have this milestones/roadmap page, which is good. Sure, we could all get on the JBoss mailing lists to keep track of roadmaps etc, but that’s a pain.

Second, it’s just really astonishing that the Geronimo team is able to pull in components from several different communities and projects and yet come out with a high-quality product like Geronimo. Getting development teams to coordinate release dates when everyone works for the same company can be difficult the say the least, so one can only imagine what the Geronimo team goes through. Very cool to see the Geronimo team working with other projects vs. trying to go at it alone or (gasp!) trying to take the other projects over.