Infoworld has a biting review of Rob Levy’s (CTO at BEA) comments on open source a few weeks back.  I didn’t blog about this before because, well, I feel bad for BEA.  To go from having a big lead in the App Server space to, well, where they are now, must really suck.

And to be fair, I think that BEA’s “blended” strategy of allowing customers to use open source software and BEA’s commercial products together is a step in the right direction.  But if BEA really wanted to get behind OSS, they’d become more active in the Apache Geronimo community.  I am 99% sure that someone at Apache, IBM or internally would have brought this up to BEA execs already.

I won’t go into why it would be good for BEA to do this, as I’m still and IBM employee.  But if they’ve followed our revenue results, especially since we got into the OSS-based app server game with WAS CE, BEA would see it’s an easy decision to make.